We have serious experience in this field and have taken clients around the country enjoying the amazing shooting schools that we have in this country as an Intro into the sport. What is fabulous about this sport is its levelling ability, you do not need to have ever handled a gun to be able to have a fantastic time as a novice, but likewise you can really hone your skills if you are experienced on the advanced stands with expert tuition. We also have estates across England and Scotland that we are associated with offering some of the best live shoots you will ever experience, from Grouse to Partridge, Pheasant to Duck. We can offer anything that you may desire. We are not limited to shotgun, although this is generally the entry point, we do rifle tuition and live deer stalking also on a variety of Estates in humane culling conditions. Let us know what you desire and we will create the perfect shoot for you, be it tuition prior to a live day or simply a fun corporate event.


At your corporate, charity and society Golf Days are you bored of the run of the mill trick shot entertainer?

You’re invited to an exclusive offering from G Privé:

This is a fantastic opportunity to watch and experience all the skill of George Digweed MBE, 23x World Champion, shoot balloons out of the sky as they blow far away over the driving range or 1st tee prior to your Golf Tournament.

George will shoot the Shotgun Start of your competition, and stay and play as a Celebrity member on one of your teams for the day should you wish. See 40 large bright helium balloons be released in a timely manner in a 15 minute unbelievable show stopping performance as you see the drifting balloons literally being blown clean out of the sky.


You’re invited to an exclusive offering from G Privé: This is a once in a lifetime experience allowing you to shoot live game for the day in the beautiful surroundings of Aston Farm, neighbouring Gatcombe Park hosted by Mike Tindall MBE and Peter Phillips. You will have professional loaders and Peter will be on hand to help collect your well shot game, in a relaxed and entertaining environment for you and your clients or friends. Your every want and need our pleasure to deliver. Even those partners who don’t shoot are accommodated at the stunning Calcot Spa. The Top Gun Trophy presented by our Ambassador and Former World Champion Shot Philip Fussell or George Digweed MBE - 23x World Shot Champion.


Join George Digweed MBE and Philip Fussell for fun and precision tuition at the top clay shooting schools in the Country including the prestigious Ian Coley’s, Lady’s Wood and Royal Berkshire among others.

Be inspired by 23x World Shot Champion George and his mentor Philip Fussell, as they make incredible shots whilst sharing their expertise and knowledge to improve your skill set across the variety of stands and towers, from simulated pheasant and partridge drives, to a grouse butt or a single rabbit clay, you won’t be disappointed.